"7 Reasons Why I Joined Jono Armstrong's

Ministry of Freedom and

Use It to Print My Hot Cash!

Plus... How To Claim $2,242.00 in FREE BONUSES When You Join In The Next:

"7 Reasons Why I Joined Jono Armstrong's

Ministry of Freedom and

Use It to Print My Hot Cash!

#1 Because Jono Walks The Talk

I never look at the program itself first. The first thing in my mind are always

'Do I trust them? Do I share their values? Do they talk the talk? Jono checks all boxes for me.

Too many sexy opportunities are out there, and most of the trainers are just relying on selling the program for living. 

How can you expect anyone to support you if they don't even do what they sell?

#2 Because You Get Live consulting 4 Times a Week 

This alone worth the entire entry cost, but it’s just one of half a dozen things you get.

" The more we work, the more question we have " That's nothing different than school or job, and searching for answers, which is not guarantee right will throw us in trail and error cycle.

Even we want to pull ourselves out of it will take too much time and effort. How many times can we afford to lose? Time never wait.

#3 Tested and Proven to Convert with Real Traffic 

Jono is being transparent inside Ministry of Freedom.

Every method is back with a lot of testimonials either form Jono himself or members.

All the methods were created to get Jono out of his financial crisis. Not created to sold to you, like most of the biz opp out there right now.

Screen shot of Jono's real life vendor stats compare with normal vendor stats

Jono Armstrong

Normal vendors

#4 Free Traffic + Paid Traffic

Jono start from free traffic, cause he didn't have the money for paid traffic.

If you can afford and want to sky rocket your result, go for paid traffic

If you don't have budget, then you can start from free just like Jono, and reinvest into paid traffic to boost your result!

It's all your call. Everything work is cover inside the program.

#5 Hot Bonuses

Jono said I shouldn't mention this cause they're bonuses, but he is paying us money back for investing in his program.

We're talking about REAL MONEY here. He send sales to us with his rotator, and even paid for copy writer and graphic designer with his own money to support us moving forward.

and a lot of more stuffs you've heard in the live workshop.

#6 Multiple Streams of Income

Another thing Jono excels at besides creating winning offers is to promote other people’s offers as an affiliate.

He’s a master super-affiliate.

When you become one of our member, he'll help you get affiliate approval for those sexy high conversion rate product by contacting those vendors on his own

So you can start making money and build up your list asap.

#7 Automation and Life Style

Not everyone like grind forever, not even Jono.

We all have our dreams and reasons to start this online business journey, but a lot of marketers lose their time after starting their business.

Isn't FREEDOM is what we sign up for?

Inside the program you'll learn how to automate your process and leave all the heavy lifting to others to free yourself from forever grind.

Plus Jono's team will give you a hand on it too.

Plus Get These 3 Fast-track Bonuses

When You Join Before

Midnight EST Saturday November 21th


Launch Product With Oz

($997 Value)

It is possible to earn $500 - $1500 even with your first launch

After launch day you can give away as bonus to ethically bride your customers to upgrade while branding at the same time

Yes, you'll cash-in even after launch day when they upgrade

But there are at least 21 steps on product launching and attract JV, Oz here will create one product with you personally, and take over the harsh part, coach you the why and how at the same time.


1-click install DFY funnel template 

($457 Value)

One click to install Oz's top conversion funnel template.

Oz spend over 3 months to put together, all the secrets, golden nuggets are in the funnel.

Cut down your time spent and sky rocket your dream and success.


1-on-1 coach call With Oz for a month

($788 Value)

Even with the best support team and lighthearted group, still possible to have something left over, just like any team, group, government.

Oz here to personally lead you and give you customize only for you advise to support you moving forward.

Because is 1-on-1, so you can ask anything to Oz without any filter, and Oz will give you honest advice without any sugarcoat. 



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